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„Ochrona przed Korozją” (Corrosion Protection) No. 03/2015


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DOI: 10.15199/40.2015.3.1

Forecasting the maximum depths of corrosion of heat exchanger elements in designing the heat exchanger – a mathematical model


Gdynia Maritime University, Faculty of Marine Mechanical Engineering


The paper presents the system of activities that aim at forecasting the maximum depths of corrosion of heat exchanger elements. The developed examples of algorithms concern estimation of the maximum depths of corrosion on both sides of condenser pipes and shell in the ship’s steam turbine. The aim of this particular forecasting in designing heat exchangers is introduction of the estimated depth values of corrosion of their elements in order to calculate structural strength of heat exchangers. Consequently, the aim of verification is to check correctness of designing activities within forecasting the maximum depths of corrosion of heat exchangers elements. And then, to check definite models that were applied in this forecasting. The paper refers to the method of designing heat exchangers of the technical power system described in the work [1]. The presented forecasting along with its algorithms are supplements to the papers [2, 3].

Keywords: forecasting, corrosion, designing, heat exchangers


Vol. 58, nr 3

s. 66-74

Bibliogr. 9



DOI: 10.15199/40.2015.3.2

The influence of the surface roughness on the oxidation behavior of Ti-25Al-12Nb alloy – surface layer characteristic


Opole University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


The paper presents test results of the oxidation of Ti-25Al-12Nb alloy taking into account the effect of surface roughness. Oxidation was carried out in air at the temperature of 800ºC. It was determined that the rise in surface roughness improves oxidation resistance. This paper characterizes the geometrical structure of the surface and the adhesion of the growing oxide layers.

Keywords: intermetallics, orthorhombic alloys, high temperature corrosion, oxidation


Vol. 58, nr 3

s. 75-81

Bibliogr. 22



Corrosion Protection in practice


DOI: 10.15199/40.2015.3.3

Deep hydrophobisation – new strategy of concrete structure durability improvement


Sto-ispo Sp. z o.o., Poznań


Instytut Badawczy Dróg i Mostów, Warszawa


In practical application hydrophobic agents pass for little exacting technically materials. As result of this misestimation reaches often to short duration and ineffective impregnation. For the purpose of this situation improvement is necessary proposing the course of action, permissive on the realization of the permanent and effective hydrophobic protection. It cannot be forgot about the soak-in profile as the essential part of the quality inspection. Diagnostic procedure in case of transportation objects was presented. The base is the exact research and choosing for every object a suitable hydrophobisation.

Keywords: transportation objects, soak-in profile, deep-set hydrophobisation


Vol. 58, nr 3

s. 82-86

Bibliogr. 13