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„Ochrona przed Korozją” (Corrosion Protection) No. 01/2014


View cover and table of contents (in Polish and English) (pdf)


Material and structural protection of concrete structures


Building Research Institute, Warsaw


Durability of concrete is of fundamental importance for the safety of a structure and for the maintenance expenditures of building works. Basic requirements for material and structural protection are presented. The examples of measures taken to increase the corrosion protection of concrete at the stage of designing and pouring of the concrete mix are given.

Keywords: concrete, corrosion, durability, material and structural protection of concrete


Vol. 57, nr 1

p. 3-11

Ref. 9



Evolution in the corrosiveness of the urban atmosphere in Poland


Faculty of Chemistry at the Warsaw University of Technology


Structural materials, prevailing in urban infrastructure facilities, have been listed. The fundamentals of the atmospheric corrosion of these materials have been outlined. Changes in the intensities of essential corrosion agents characteristic for the atmosphere in Poland in the last two decades have been shown and compared with the state of the atmosphere in Europe. General trends in the corrosion rate of structural materials in question have been assessed.

Keywords: urban infrastructure, structural materials, carbon steel, zinc coatings, paint coatings, reinforced concrete, atmospheric corrosion, corrosiveness of atmosphere



Vol. 57, nr 1

p. 12-20

Ref. 15



The process of corrosion of the reinforcement protected with concrete made of cement containing high calcium fly ash




Silesian University of Technology, Department of Building Structures, Gliwice


Tests on corrosion in the reinforcement protected with concrete made of cement containing high calcium fly ash, which takes place in the chloride environment, are described. The test results were compared to reinforcing steel behaviour in concrete made of ordinary Portland cement under the same conditions. The rate of corrosion processes was determined by the linear polarization method in loaded and cracked reinforced concrete elements, exposed to cyclic wetting in NaCl. The addition of high calcium

fly ash to a new type of cement was found not to deteriorate its protective properties to reinforcing steel in concretes made of such a type of cement.

Keywords: cement with high calcium fly ash, the process of reinforcement corrosion, polarization tests



Vo.. 57, nr 1

p. 21-27

Ref. 16