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"Ochrona przed Korozją" (Corrosion Protection) No. 03/2009

Determination of coating adhesion. Part 2: Cross-cut and tape test methods
CES Gdańsk
Current standard legislation concerned evaluation and research methods of coating adhesion has been presented. This part relates to methodology and conditions of measurements by cross-cut and X-cut methods with regards to different legislation requirements for laboratory and on-site conditions. The proposals of results interpretation have been presented as well as difficulties and possible ways of overcoming them for coatings controlled on industrial constructions.
Key words:coating adhesion, cross-cut method, X-cut method, paint coatings
Critical look at the hot-dip zinc coatings standards from the corrosionist point of view
KRÓLIKOWSKA A. Instytut Badawczy Dróg i Mostów, Warszawa
A great number of standards deals with the properties and tests of the hot dip galvanized coatings. The standards take into account the requirements of different industrial branches, different zinc technologies and diversity of the galvanized pieces. The recommendations given there are often inconsistent. They are also quite often insufficient for special requirements, e.g. the characterization of surface is not enough for following anticorrosion painting. Generally, the standards do not contain characterizations of the galvanized surfaces useful for the subsequent anticorrosion paintings. The article compares requirements given by the chosen standards and draws attention to the properties important for an anticorrosion protection of zinc coatings and duplex systems.
Key words: hot-dip zinc coatings, corrosion protection, duplex systems